Permanent Make-Up

Microblading and Permanent Cosmetics


3D Brows Microbladed Brows $350
Custom tailored brows as natural to as refined as you want. Consists of individual
feather hair strokes to resemble your hairs natural pattern


Combo Microbladed Brows with Shading $400-$450
Provides a full shaded brow with feather like strokes to create a dense full brow.



Brow Shading $300
Enhance and reshape your own natural brow or create a natural looking brow for
someone who lacks hair growth (a nice brush stroke or shading can be done). This
procedure is done with a needle and reaches the dermis layer of the skin.


Corrective Color starts at $150
This charge is in addition to the service (not all clients are candidates for correct color)

Eyebrow Refresher/Touch up -within six months
(existing client) – free

Eyebrow Refresher/Touch up -after six months to one year
(existing client) -$150



Top and bottom (enhancement) – $350
Pigment is placed above the lash line for a more natural looking liner.


Top eyeliner – $250

Bottom eyeliner – $150

Top and bottom (same day) – $350

Requires second visit in 4-6 weeks.



BOLD – additional $100
Those wanting an obvious liner look will want to choose the “BOLD” option when
booking your appointment because more time will need to be added to your