Waxing Price
Brow 15
Lip 10
Brow & Lip 20
Chin 10
Full Face 45
Ears 10
Inside Nose 10
Neck 15
Shoulders 25
Chest 30-60
Half Arms 30
Full Arms 45
Under Arm 15
Stomach 35
Men’s Back 65
Bikini 40
Men’s Brazilian 85
Ladies Brazilian 60
Half Legs 45
Full Legs 65
Feet or Hands 20


*Cannot wax clients on Accutane (must be off one year), clients that have had laser skin resurfacing or open skin areas.
*Certain antibiotics and Retin A will cause skin to be thin or sensitive for waxing, avoid bleaching agents to areas to be waxed,  no tanning same day or two day after waxing to the exposed the waxed area, chemical peels and microdermabrasion must wait seven days to be waxed and if you are concerned with skin allergy please request a patch test before any waxing service.